Enterprise Mobility

Mobile technology has become increasingly integrated with modern business practices, enabling organizations to provide valuable services to clients and customers develop and acquire new customers and boost employee productivity.

Just a few years ago, organizations used mobility mainly as a way to offer data and email to employees who are on the go. Now, mobility has disrupted the business world, shaking up how customers discover new businesses and interact with them, accelerating supply chain processes and enabling the development of more efficient collaboration tools for employees.

At V2app, we recognize that businesses seeking to lower their overall IT operational costs require assistance in getting the most out of their enterprise mobility efforts.

After all, many companies developed their core business processes well before the advent of mobile technology. Now they are seeking to take advantage of the many benefits of enterprise mobility, such as analytics and cloud computing services.

The advent of more contextually aware data and geolocation information is revolutionizing how companies do business and interact with clients, customers and vendors, not to mention how they connect their employees.

Do you need to roll out location-based services? Perhaps your organization is preparing to implement a digital wallet, or you need better collaboration tools for your employees who are working while on the go.

With so many areas of innovation, multiple platforms and devices to contend with, managing your enterprise mobility solution has never been more challenging. This is why so many organizations have come to rely on the team at V2app to address all their enterprise mobility needs.

Value Proposition

At V2app, we have developed our Value shore model to bring enhanced value to our clients seeking to get the best return on investment by outsourcing their enterprise mobility solutions. With Value shore, you are assured of access to the best programmers, engineers and developers India has to offer.

The key value propositions from V2app are:

  • Intelligent, creative and innovative developers, designers and engineers
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Highest level of quality assurance through all stages of development
  • Rich source of human capital